Volunteer Rules for High School Students

  • Volunteers need to sign in at 10:00 am and sign out at 3:00 pm
  •  As a volunteer at Amjad Islamic School, you are responsible for signing in and signing out in the volunteer attendance file available at the school admin office
  •  In case of absence, volunteer must notify the school admin office by email at amjadschool.info@gmail.com in advance
  •  Volunteer must perform the assigned work and remain in the assigned area throughout the school day
  •  Volunteers are not allowed to leave the school premises during the school day
  • Volunteers are required to not use their cellphones while working
  •  Volunteers must treat all individuals at school (students, staff, parents, and visitors) with respect
  •  Female volunteers are required to wear the school uniform and hijab at all time and to not wear makeup

Amjad Islamic School holds the right to terminate the volunteer service in the following cases:

  •  Failing to commit the school volunteer rules or refusing to do the required work
  •  Leaving their assigned position without obtaining permission from the supervisor
  •  Using inappropriate language or profanity or yelling while communicating with others in the school
  •  Being absent for 3 consecutive school days