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Amjad Islamic School

  • Arabic language (reading writing and grammar)
  • Islamic Studies (Fiqh, Hadith, Tafseer, and Tajweed)
  • Sahaba and Prophets stories
  • Quran memorization
  • Nurania program ( برنامج إقرأ و ارتق )

  • Arts & Crafts

Our goal  is to invest in our Students and encourage their talents

Admission is now open(2020- 2021)


Admission Is Now Open! (2020-2021)

** Important Note:

COVID-19 Updates Regarding the reopening plans for this academic Year (2020-2021).  

Please Click here to check the new updates.

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We are Under Al-Sirat Al-Mustaqeem Charitable organization


Our last news

Admission is open for 2020-2021

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Our last news

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Ramadan Preparation !


Parent Meeting – Online

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Amjad Islamic School

Teacher Training course update.

The first part of the teacher training course will be in – person. We will get to know each other, and then introduce part one: How to teach beginners.
When: Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020
Where: the O’Connor Park: 3325 Sunlight St, Mississauga, ON L5M 0G8, at 5:45 pm.



Online Contest

Feqh – Hadith – Quran


+  Valuable gifts! 

    • First Winners in each Grade.
    • Students from Amjad Islamic School.
    • And, ALL participants 

Gifts will be mailed to your home address!

Note: If you want to receive a gift, then you have to register and pay the fees below.

However, you can join the contest without paying the fees, but you won’t receive a gift!


Feqh – Hadith Online Contest 


Registering Rules & Steps:

  • Amjad Islamic School Students Fees: $10
  • Students from out of the school Fees: $15 
  • Fees should be paid by E-transfer to this email: amjadschool.info@gmail.com


    • Please add the student’s full name in the message (on the E-transfer)


    • Email the student’s Full name and the proof of payment to the same email.


How Contest works?

  • Select the file associated to your grade.
  • Study the worksheets in the file, each file includes Feqh, Hadith, and Quran.
  • When you’re 100% ready, start the test by clicking the test associated with your grade’s file.


Click Here to Enter Contest 



Quran Online Contest


Register in the Online Quran Contest:

  1. There are no fees for the Quran Contest, but there will be gifts mailed to the winners’ houses.
  2. Send us an email with the student’s Full Name, Grade, Phone Number, and home Address.
  3. The Date and time will be Emailed to you in advanced. 
  4. Dates will start from April 11, 2020. 

Email: amjadschool.info@gmail.com]


Click Here to Enter the Quran Contest 


{ Last Day to Register and do the test is April 10, 2020 } 

Admissions Process

Please, click register now and fill
in the registration form to
register  your children at Amjad Islamic School
In order to finish the admission process, you will be switched to the PayPal page to pay the tuition fees

Our past events

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Youth Bazar

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Clay Museum trip


Police officer lecture

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School party


Student award

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Future jobs day

Flight trip

flight trip

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Aikido self defence

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 10.02.12 PM

Election Day


Graduation Ceremony

Copy of Basketball - Made with PosterMyWall (2)

After School Basketball Tournaments

lecture - Yasser Hassan-6

Israa & Maraj Lecture - Sh. Hosam Helal


1st Islamic Party

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Soccer & Leadership Classes

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Ramadan preparation


Clothing Donation Month

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