School Policy & Procedures 

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

Welcome to Amjad Islamic School  for Arabic Language, Quran Memorization and Islamic Studies.

This handbook has been prepared to help the students follow a certain code of behavior as expected from students attending Amjad Islamic School. To make this possible, all of us as a community must exercise respect, care, courtesy and common sense. Teachers, parents and guardians should also comply with these rules which apply to them. Note that by registering your children and paying the fees you have agreed on the school policy below.

   Our School Day


  • It is important that you read the school routine at the beginning of the year to help your child start off and continue the school year more smoothly Insha Allah.
  • It is important for students to develop the habit of arriving to school on time.
  • We begin with  Izkar ,we repeat  together so please come on time and we will all start the day with Allah’s name and blessing, Students are expected to stand or sit silently and listen respectfully to Izkar(Instructions on Islamic code of behavior and its values).
  • Attention to important announcement after Izkar time.
  • Attending all classes is compulsory and a full record of absences and late  is kept in class. Parental notes are required to explain all absences. Students are expected to be on time for school and for each of their classes. If they need to leave early from school, they should bring a note and sign out in the main office.


Our School policy & procedures



  • Full refund by Cheque including Supply Fee, in case the school is not able to accept the student.
  • No refund for the semester in case the student’s parents choose to withdraw his/her child from the school because of an inconvenient  reason , Or if the student commits a violation of school regulations and was suspended. (The Withdrawal Form can be obtained from the Administration Office).
  • No refund will be made in case of holidays, absences or if classes are cancelled due to the climate (e.g. Weather).
  • No refund of school fees or utilities fees after the second week of school.




  • Once a complete application is received, and evaluation Fees are paid, students can start the evaluation.
  • Parents must agree to the level that the evaluation test determines.
  • If the parents are obligated to put his/her kid in a certain level in Arabic (if different than the level designed by the school), parents should know that it’s their responsibility to assist their his/her kid to be successful in that level.



  •              If the level reaches its maximum capacity, students will be placed on a waiting list. 


  •      Cleanliness and neatness in appearance is a duty incumbent upon all Muslims (girls have to cover their body). 


  • I hereby give my consent to Amjad Islamic school(Program under SMIC) to use and broadcast any photographs /video/audio of my child on the official Amjad Islamic school website and on other official sites: YouTube Channel, Facebook, as well as other media platforms for media purposes, including promotional presentations and advertising campaigns. In addition, I waive all claims to compensation or damages based on the use of his/her image/voice by the school. I also waive any right to inspect or approve the finished works.
  • I agree that all such works and any reproductions shall remain the property of Amjad Islamic school unless otherwise noted.


  • Parents are strongly encouraged to check their child’s homework and to help and supervise their memorization of Quran .


  • Follow the instructions of the assigned teacher from time to time.



  • No students are allowed to eat outside of class at lunch time .
  • Clean and tidy your place after eating .
  • Chewing gum is strictly prohibited in the school.
  • Students need special permission to take food into other school areas.
  • Keep school grounds clean and clear of all personal belonging, and/or garbage.




  • Clean toilet seat and wash hands after use, Boys are to sit, not stand to urinate, Clean private parts with water after toilet use
  • Use bathroom quickly without socializing or playing, Make sure to flush the toilet clean after use.
  • Use A little water to do Wudu ( وضوء ), and don’t drop water on the floor.




  • Don’t write on the walls, table, or chair.
  • Keep all school furniture and property free from damage ( If your child cause any damage, the parent will be charged for fixing / replace).
  • Keep hands off of fire alarms, fire extinguishers, elevator, teacher’s desk or computer, school’s projector, and other class belongings.




  • Photography, Video and voice recording are strictly prohibited if taken without consent.
  • Note that teachers are encouraged to take pictures / videos of the class activities to be posted on the school page, in case you don’t agree please inform us that you do not want your child’s picture / videos being taken at school.




  • Report Cards for students are given at the end of each semester.



  • Attendance for student is compulsory, In case of absences, the student must inform the School Administration Staff.


  • Absence for more than 4 classes without reason and without appropriate supporting documentation will result in removal from the register (In this Case No refund).
  • The supply of Pizza, Juice, and Art will not be provided for student absence.



  • Parents have to pay Tuition Fee full amount one time (Cash or Credit Card), or (dated cheques).


  • If a parent wants to quit school the parent has to provide a written reason for quieting and the Superintendent/Principal has the right to decide whether to give a refund or not (If before the 2nd week). 

Rights and Responsibilities of:



  • Think , Talk and act in an Islamic Manner.
  • Have a positive attitude towards learning.
  • Respected within the school community, regardless of race, Gender, Creed or disability.
  • Respected all teachers in the school.
  • Electronic Devices are strictly prohibited during school hours, if any devices are found then they will be confiscated.
  • Attend classes regularly  and punctually .
  • Clean and tidy your place after eating.
  • Must be aware of and understand school policies and regulations and follow them




  • Help promote ( in the student) a positive attitude in the student about school.
  • Help the student to be self-disciplined in regards to attendance, school supplies, studies, and respecting the rights of others.
  • Become acquainted with student’s teacher and school.
  • Please make sure that the school has full and up-to-date medical information about each child.


This information will help teachers and the office personnel to provide the best assistance to a child in case of medical emergencies. If the parents hide their child’s special needs, the school will not be responsible.


  • In case of any concerns or complaints parents are requested to contact the child’s teacher.
  • Must be aware of and understand school policies and regulations and follow them by appointment
  • Helps students with time management, organization and study skills.

Jazakom Allah Khairan

       Please read the school policy accurately before registering your children.