Amjad Islamic School

The Arabic language is our Identity – The Holy Quran and its Sciences are our Constitution and approach

We teach the Arabic language by reading stories of Sahabi or poetry poems about them as well as the stories of the prophets, with the Arabic grammar rules

The Islamic education is divided into Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh, and Tajweed through the explanation of the system of Ibn al-Jazari, as well as Memorizing of Juz’a of Quran. We use arts and a lot of activities to motivate the students,so they like Arabic language and become more social with their classmates to improve their social life and develop hobbies

Our mission

We inspire academic and personal growth in our students by encouraging art, creativity and innovation. To develop youth with active and creative minds. To build a generation that is proud of its Arabic language and its religion, and that represents the beautiful Islamic manners. To raise a well-educated Muslim that represents the true image of Islam.

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