School is a place of business. Visitors are not permitted during the school day. On rare occasions, and with a prior 24 hour notice, a visitor’s pass may be issued by administration. No visitors are to be admitted to any class without such a pass. Even with a pass, an individual teacher can refuse to admit a visitor if the visit would be inappropriate. On entering the school, parents and guardians are asked to check in with the Main Office.


The primary method of communication between the school and parents/students is by e-mail. The school communicates with parents through the email addresses stored in the student’s record. When corresponding with the school the sender must type the full name of the student and the student’s grade in the email body.

3. Communicating Announcements

All announcements are sent to the school’s mailing list, and placed on the Board section on the Homepage of the school’s website. Parent emails are added to the school mailing list automatically at the beginning of the school year. There is also a subscribe button on the Homepage allowing parents to add their personal emails to the mailing list.

4. Meetings

Meetings between parents and the school administrators or teachers are scheduled by e-mail. Parents requesting a meeting must provide the name of the student, grade, and a brief description of the purpose of the meeting in the email.


Students must pay the fees in full at registration time as per the fee payment instructions provided at registration time. The registration fee (and any other administrative fees) is non-refundable. The tuition fee and Lunch fees are non-refundable after the third week of the academic year.

6. Tax Information

School fees do not qualify for the education tax credit. School does not issue tax receipts.



The goals and objectives of School Code of Conduct outlined below are to provide effective behavior interventions and discipline practices that:

  • Ensure the safety and dignity of students and staff;
  • Maintain a positive, weapons-free, drug-free and bullying-free learning environment;
  • Keep school property and the property of others secure;
  • Address the causes of a student’s misbehavior and provide opportunities to all individuals involved in an incident to participate in its resolution;
  • Teach students positive behavioural skills to become independent, self-disciplined citizens in the school community and society

8. Rules and regulations

  • Mutual respect between students, teachers and parents is the basis for communication at the school.  All students must respect all teachers, administrators and other students, and refrain from any statements or actions that harm the feelings of others.
  • Shoes that cause marks, skateboards and roller blades are not to be used in the school or on school property.
  • Play-fighting, and bullying (Verbal, Physical, Psychological, or Emotional) are not allowed.
  • All personal disputes/arguments must be brought to the attention of a staff member for resolution.
  • Failure to do so will result in both parties being held accountable and facing the consequences. Students must not take matters into their own hands!
  • Students are not allowed to leave the classroom without the teacher’s permission.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the school building during school time.
  • All students must take care of hygiene at all school facilities including classrooms, the cafeteria, and bathrooms.
  • All students must follow the Islamic/school dress code and personal hygiene.
  • Fragrances are to be avoided for both genders.
  • Any foods containing peanuts/nuts are prohibited on school premises.
  • Use of cell phones, cameras, and other electronic devices is not permitted in class. If they are used without permission, they will be confiscated and given only to the parent. Repeated unauthorized use of the device will result in disciplinary action and may result in student suspension. Any device confiscated on school property may be checked for content.
  • The student will be expelled from the school without prior warning if he/she is found in possession of any weapons, alcohol or any type of illegal drugs (such as marijuana, cocaine, etc.)
  • There is zero tolerance for any damage to school property or other people’s belongings. Parents shall be asked to compensate for the damages and expulsion might result from such actions.
  • Plagiarism or cheating on any assignment, quiz, test, or exam will result in a zero mark and further disciplinary action when the situation warrants it.
  • Theft is considered a criminal act and its practice warrants disciplinary actions and possible criminal charges.
  • The school rules and regulations must always be respected. Any student who fails to follow them might face consequences and risks suspension, or even expulsion. This code of conduct has been developed to emphasize Islamic values and to cultivate a feeling of self-worth and self-discipline in students. It is an expression of the school’s climate and its atmosphere for learning. A positive climate is an environment in which all students feel that they are encouraged to participate and are a valued part of the school.


  • Misconduct will always have consequences. Depending on the seriousness and circumstances of the misconduct, consequences vary and may include suspension and/or expulsion.
  • Misconduct will be dealt with by the teacher, then by the Section Supervisor or the head office as it warrants. The student will receive a warning for minor offences. Major offences will be dealt with directly by the Main Office. The student will be expelled upon receiving 3 warnings during the school year.

10.Things that can get a student a warning include:

  • Leaving the school building without permission
  • Leaving class without the teacher’s permission
  • Not returning to class after leaving it with permission
  • Repeated failure to respond to the teacher’s instructions during lesson
  • Repeatedly sleeping in class during the lesson
  • Profanity

11. ​Major offences

Major Offences will result in suspension or expulsion without prior warning.

Major Offences include

  • Using or possessing tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs.
  • Possessing weapons, both real and “look alike” (fake) weapons.
  • Disobedience to teachers, the Principal, other School Staff Members
  • Cheating or helping others cheat.
  • Bullying, hazing, aggressive behavior like fighting, making loud or disruptive noises, coercion, threats, intimidation, harassment, extortion, or encouraging or helping others to do these things
  • Damaging property; school property or the property of others.
  • Stealing property; trying to steal property, or possessing stolen property.
  • Trespassing: being in a place inside the school building or outside on school property where the student is not supposed to be.
  • Pranks: calling “911”, the police or fire department, making a bomb threat, or pulling a fire alarm when unneeded.

12. Skipping classes.

Being involved in a gang, wearing or displaying gang symbols, using gang speech, or recruiting members for a gang.

13. Violating any criminal law.

  • Using the Internet to make threats to the school, a student, or a school employee.
  • Failing to wear school uniform or decent clothing conforms to the Islamic and school dress code, (for boys: no short pants above the knees nor sleeveless shirts)
  • Gross disrespect for others, including verbal abuse, threats, and racial or religious slurs.
  • Lying to a School Staff Member.
  • Beyond this list, the school Principal may deem any action inappropriate if it harms the school, the community, or anyone in it. In these situations, the Principal can take any disciplinary action that she sees fit.

14. Violent Incident Report

A Violent Incident Report will be filed with the Principal, and the police will be involved in incidents such as, but not limited to, the following:

a) Possession of a weapon (guns, knives, etc.)

b) Threats of serious physical injury

c) Physical assault causing serious bodily harm

d) Sexual assault

e) Robbery and extortion

f) Vandalism causing damage to school property or property located on school premises

Violent Incident Forms recording violent behavior that leads to a suspension or to sending a report to police shall be retained in the student’s OSR for a period of three years.

Beyond this policy document, the school Principal may deem any action inappropriate if it harms the school, the community, or anyone in it. In these situations, the Principal can take any disciplinary action that she sees fit.


A positive and constructive working relationship between Amjad Islamic School, the student, and a student’s parents is essential to fulfilling the School’s educational mission. The school relies on parents to help ensure that students cooperate and comply with the rules and regulations. Parents of new and returning students are required to accept the terms outlined in this agreement to enroll their sons/daughters in the school.

16. Terms of the Parental Agreement

  • I/we am fully aware of Amjad Islamic School’s mission and programs. I fully agree and understand that my children as students of Amjad Islamic School will subscribe to such.
  • I/we understand that acceptance and submission of the registration form indicates my/our full agreement of the rules and regulations of Amjad Islamic School, including terms of this parental agreement.
  • At any time Amjad Islamic School reserves the right to: expel a student; change fees; change policies and procedures; change timings; cancel school days, reschedule school days, cancel classes/courses; rearrange classes.
  • I/we understand and accept that all new students are subject to an assessment interview and must participate in our academic screening procedures. I/we accept the final decision of the Principal with regards to admission, incoming grade, and classroom placement.
  • I/we understand that all fees, and any dues incurred must be paid according to fee payment instructions for the academic year in which the student is registering with the following rules applied:
  • The registration fee (and any other administrative fees) is not refundable
  • The tuition fee and the lunch fees is not refundable after the end of the third week of the academic year
  • Amjad Islamic School expenses are not covered by tax exemptions
  • I/we understand that failure to maintain payments will result in demission of students from the school. I/we also understand and agree that outstanding amounts will impact future cases of enrolment, re-enrollment and admission.
  • I/we agree to have my/our child attend school within the punctuality requirements of the school. I/we understand the negative effects to my/our child due to arriving late to school or early dismissal. I/we will report any absence of my/our child to the Main Office by email.
  • I/we commit to dropping off/picking up students as per school timings and/or direction of school administrative staff. I/we ensure that we will pick-up students within 15 minutes from dismissal time; otherwise I/we will pay the late pick-up fee of 10$ per student per hour.
  • I/we understand that Amjad Islamic School will not be held responsible for any injury to students after they have been dismissed at the end of the school day.
  • I/we will follow, cooperate and abide by the school’s safety and security policies with regards to school premises.
  • As a parent/guardian, I/we are committed to having a positive working relationship with the school staff. I/we will not engage in behavior that will cause damage to a school staff reputation and character in the community including social media and/or other platforms. If such behavior occurs, Amjad Islamic School reserves the right to discontinue my/our child’s/children’s enrollment.
  • I am aware that Amjad Islamic School reserves the right to deny volunteer requests made by parents/guardians or students.
  • I/we understand and agree that all students’ academic performance and behavior will be reviewed periodically by Amjad Islamic School Officials and decisions made regarding enrolment, re-enrolment and admission will be related to such.
  • I /we hereby grant permission for my/our child to:
  •  Use play equipment provided by the school
  • Participate in all activities, events and workshops
  • Have my permission to leave school property for neighbourhood walks
  • Use the internet for academic purposes
  • I/we understand that Amjad Islamic School does not have the resources for exceptional students (i.e. Special Education, some cases of special needs students) as a result my/our child may be withdrawn from Amjad Islamic School.
  • I/we aware that still photos and video of my child may be taken on the premises of Amjad Islamic School as well as during any off-site activity. I am aware that still photos and videos may be posted to the school’s website or be used in a variety of collateral printed pieces (i.e. brochures, flyers, print ads) for the purpose of illustration, advertising, and promoting the activities associated with Amjad Islamic school. If I/we do not wish to have our child’s photo taken I/we will submit our decision for such in the online registration form.
  • As a parent/guardian I/we agree and understand that I/we are not authorized to photograph the school building, its indoor locations, outside property, and students (other than my/our child/children).
  • I/we will not hold Amjad Islamic School responsible for anything that may happen or any decision taken by the school as a result of false information given to Amjad Islamic School and/or information withheld at the time of enrolment and that any such false or withheld information may lead to my/our child’s dismissal from Amjad Islamic School.
  • I/we agree to follow all policies and procedures of the school. I/we will keep myself/ourselves updated with school communication, promptly reading notices from school received via letter/email.
  • I/we agree to provide vaccination records and a copy of my/our child health card.
  • I/we acknowledge that Amjad Islamic School is not free from allergens. I/we understand that my/our child may inadvertently come into contact with such allergens which may cause an allergic reaction. I/we understand that in Amjad Islamic School there is a certain level of risk of allergen contact. I/we accept to provide my child with the necessary prescription allergy drug (if applicable) and allow the school to use it in case of emergency.
  • I/we understand and agree that my/our child is solely responsible for any lost or damaged equipment (i.e. personal devices, toys,…)
  • I/we understand that any student expelled from Amjad Islamic School may not re-register to the school.
  • I further release, remise, and discharge Amjad Islamic School, its administrators and teachers and their respective heirs, executors, successors, and assigns, of and from all claims, demands, damages, actions or causes of action arising or to arise by reason of the child’s participation in the activities and programs of  Amjad Islamic School as aforesaid, and from all claims and demands whatsoever in law or in equity which I, my heirs, executors, successors or assigns can or shall or may have for or by reason of the child’s participation in the activities and programs of Amjad Islamic School.

We thank you for your cooperation, and we ask Allah to benefit our students.

O Allah the Most Merciful, teach us what benefits us, and benefit us with what we learn and increase our knowledge.